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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mistakes Leaders Make by Dave Kraft

Dave Kraft is back with his second book Mistakes Leaders Make. I had the privilege of reading his first book, Leaders Who Last, back in 2010. One of the endorsements on the front of the books says, "Should be required reading for every ministry leader." That is certainly true regarding this book. I wish I had this book a few years ago, but I'm very glad that I have it now. It's a book that I'm sure will be read through many more times. As I was reading through this book and thinking back through my time in ministry, I could see parts of myself and things I did in every section. Pastor Mark Driscoll writes this in the forward of the book, "As a leader, knowing what not to do is often just as important as knowing what to do." Myself and I'm sure many others have made the mistakes that Kraft talks about in this book, but we can take the wisdom and insight from others and make better choices in the future and avoid mistakes. Kraft tackles ten mistakes in this book;
1) Allowing Ministry to Replace Jesus
2) Allowing Comparing to Replace Contentment
3) Allowing Pride to Replace Humility
4) Allowing Pleasing People to Replace Pleasing God
5) Allowing Busyness to Replace Visioning
6) Allowing Financial Frugality to Replace Fearless Faith
7) Allowing Artificial Harmony to Replace Difficult Conflict
8) Allowing Perennially Hurting People to Replace Potential Hungry Leaders
9) Allowing Information to Replace Transformation
10) Allowing Control to Replace Trust
Kraft shares that he had formulated many other mistakes in preparing to write this book. I hope he writes a part 2 as I know there's much more that I could learn. I'm very thankful for this book as I know it will help me and I hope many others going forward.

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