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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Setlist - 01.24.10

Week #79 of Sunday Setlists. Here is our setlist for Sunday, January 24th.

- Hosanna
- New Doxology
- Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King
- My Savior My God

Lots of good music this morning. Musically things were a little rough this morning. Had a hard time keeping tempos straight. Just tried to keep my focus off that and on God this morning. Always the hard thing to do because I want things to go well and always get a little frustrated with things like that happen. Overall it was a great morning though. I've got a great group of volunteers in the worship/music ministry and I'm so thankful for all of them. They've taken on some challenging songs that I've given them and have done exceptionally well. Mornings like today are few and far between. Our pastor continued his series in Hebrews, our Sunday school hour "Revive" continued in our study in Romans 8, and we announced our next Revive topic which is put out by Focus on the Family called The Truth Project. It's a study on worldview and how to gain a Biblical worldview. Will be neat to go through this study as we had a lot of worldview training and classes at Cedarville University. Our president Dr. Bill Brown is a worldview guru and has a lot of study on the subject. He also developed a study for students, re:View Worldview Study, which has been a huge success. Anyways, that's a lot about things other than our worship services but it's what's going on in our church. Hope everyone else had great Sundays.

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