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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Setlist - 03.07.10

Week #85 of Sunday Setlists. Here is our setlist for Sunday, March 7th.

- Blessed Be Your Name
- Jesus Paid It All (Kristian Stanfill version)
- Glory to God Forever
- Because of Your Love (Phil Wickham) - communion

After hearing Steve Fee's "Glory to God Forever" for the first time on's New Song Cafe I knew I had to introduce it to my church. I did not long after that time and they've really grabbed a hold of it. I also took it to the group of jr. highers at a local Christian school that I had the pleasure of leading worship for their retreat and continually throughout the year for their chapels and they've really embraced it. It is such a phenomenal song with some great truths in it and especially singing out the chorus of just giving glory to God. I shared this morning how we're to give God the glory in everything we did and an example of someone who lived that. J.S. Bach would write three letters on his compositions, S.D.G. Those three letters stood for Soli Deo Gloria, to the Glory of God Alone. That was also the motto for our music department at Cedarville University. Just a great reminder.

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