"Worship is man's full reason for existence. Worship is why we are born and why we are born again." A.W. Tozer

Friday, December 23, 2011

Times of Transition

This is one blog post that I've been trying to write for a while, but just haven't found the words to say. I figured the best way to hopefully have it come out is to just start writing. I was looking at the title for my blog, Journey of a Worshipper, and this definitely falls in that category. Four and a half years ago in July of 2007 after having just gotten married, my wife and I started a journey in ministry at Bethel Baptist Church. After having talked with the Senior Pastor during my last semester of college, we got plugged into the church and I began leading worship. In October of 2007 I was brought on staff part-time as the Director of Worship Ministries. It was a joy to get a job doing what I believe God has called me to do. Throughout my time at Bethel, God has done some great things in the life of the church, the people there, and personally in my life. I believe I have grown as a folllower of Christ, husband to my lovely wife, as a worshipper and as a worship leader. I'm forever grateful for my pastor and elder board for taking a chance on a young guy, fresh out of college, entering into his first ministry position and the journey has been one I will never forget. This journey brings us to the end of 2011 and my last week on staff at Bethel. A few months ago my wife and I have sensed that God was bringing our time and ministry at Bethel to a close. Throughout months of prayer and conversation we believe that is indeed what He was doing. It wasn't an easy decision to make, but one we believe we needed to follow. About a month and a half ago I brought this to the attention of my pastor and elder board and now we near my last day on Christmas Day.

This decision has obviously raised a lot of questions; Are you moving? Where are you going to go to church? What will you be doing now? etc. At this point in time we're staying in Northern California. My wife has a steady full-time job and I have another part-time job. We don't know where we will be going to church yet. I don't know what else I will be doing yet. Over the years I have been searching for God's direction in a full-time worship position, but to this point in time He hasn't provided that for me. I will continue that search and just wait for His provision. In this journey that has probably been the hardest part for me, and in the mean time, I didn't think I would be leaving Bethel before He had provided that. But now my wife and I take a step out in faith, trusting that God will provide in His timing.


  1. praying with you for you for His glory. YOu lead in worship in another way right now. So that the world would know. Love and respect you both. Grateful for the moments at the regency a few months ago and that God hears our prayers.

  2. Times of transition are not fun. Hang in there! Keep living the live of worship!