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Friday, July 30, 2010

Sweat, Blood, & Tears by Xan Hood

Sweat, Blood, & Tears written by Xan Hood is a fantastic book. I love the way it is written in the first person. You get the sense that you are really hearing from a guy who went through a transformation, a guy who struggled with moving from boyhood to manhood, and taking part in his journey in becoming a man. What he has gone through, I think every man has gone through. Now there is someone who is putting their thoughts and experiences on this journey onto paper for everyone else to hear. Xan has put himself out there in a vulnerable position. He is open and candid about what he is thinking and feeling. There is something in this book for every guy to grab a hold of.

I really feel like the climax of this book was Xan's realization of what he had growing up, in regards to his own father, was very influential in his journey to becoming a man. So often, I think we as guys look for other things outside what we had as the things we need in our journey of becoming a man. However, what Xan realized is that what he had in his relationship with his father was exactly what God hod for his journey to manhood. It may not have been what he thought he needed, but it ended up being exactly what he needed. This is also where the earthly relationship reflects a heavenly relationship. We spend so much time looking elsewhere that we forget the One who has everything we need. So much in the journey of becoming a man is in our relationship with our heavenly Father.

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