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Monday, January 31, 2011

Parachute Band | Love Without Measure

The "next gen" of Parachute Band is back with their third studio album, Love Without Measure. This project joins two others since the band went through a change in 2007; Roadmaps & Revelations and Technicolor. If you've enjoyed the new sound and previous projects, you will not be disappointed with this self-produced project. It is full of fast, upbeat, electronic tracks as well as slower, melodic tracks. I believe the message and worshipful style of this project will speak to a generation that wants to do great things for God and the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the video that's below, they begin by giving the definition of measure; "to ascertain the dimensions, quantity, capacity of something." The love of our Father is exactly the opposite. It truly is a love without measure.

Gave It All: The opening track begins with a call to something that is greater than ourselves because of the one who gave His all for us. It's a call to share the message and love that is the Gospel. There’s a thunder in my heart, there’s a thunder in the sky that’s calling me. I will listen and respond to the Saviour’s call and give my all.

You Remain: This would have to be my favorite track on the album. This is where the love of our Father becomes personal. It's a love that touches the heart. It's a love that carries us through everything we go through, the good and the bad. You are my rescue, when hope seems lost. You are my refuge, when I am frail. God of hope, hold me close. Jesus You carried me this far, I'll hold onto this hope inside my heart. When all else fades, You remain.

Saviour Of The Broken Heart: Because of our human nature, the one's God calls us to love are usually the hardest to love, yet Christ loved them without a second thought. It was the ultimate gift of love through Christ's death that gave us all a second chance. It's because of that ultimate gift that and the calling that we have as Christ followers to seek the heart of the Father and see the world through His eyes; the need of a Savior for the brokenhearted. So this is our worship, to go where You lead, to love without measure, to clothe and to feed. I love and adore You, my heart's beating for You, I take up the cost, to carry the lost.

Special thanks to Integrity Music for providing this complimentary pre-release album to listen to and review. You can download the album here on iTunes or

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