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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Life Worship | You Hold It All

The team of New Life Worship have released a new project, You Hold It All, that joins their two other worship projects, Counting on God and My Savior Lives. If you're familiar with New Life Worship and Desperation Band this album will not disappoint. I do have to say though, the first time I listened to the album, it was very strange not to hear Ross Parsley's voice in the mix. Ross is now the Sr. Pastor of ONEchapel in Austin, TX which is one of New Life's church plants. But the spirit of this project is still the same; a spirit of true worship from the heart of those of a church that has gone through some very tough times. These songs come from a church that has sung them in worship and response to a God they love and I believe they will soon make there way into the worship of other churches. New Life Worship & Arts Pastor Brad Parsley says this:
"Through some of the toughest years a church will ever experience, New Life Church has seen the incredible faithfulness of our God. On October 13, 2010, we gathered as a church to declare our faith in a God that never fails and to thank Him for what He has done. You Hold It All is the refrain from that night of worship and it epitomizes what we want to say about our lives, our church and our God. It all belongs to Him, it all came from Him and it's all going back to Him. That's what we want to declare every time we gather as a body of believers and that's what this recording celebrates!"
This project contains a great mixture of songs written by Jon Egan, Glenn Packiam and Jared Anderson. Here are a few of the songs that really grabbed a hold of me.

Our Messiah Reigns: A great song that also appears in Glenn Packiam's new project The Kingdom Comes EP. There's something about a live recording and the spirit of worship that it captures. The scripture that Glenn reads at the end of the track is perfect for the song; Luke 4.17-21 (NLT). I also love the use of the word Messiah in songs. It truly shouts the majesty of Jesus Christ. Glory to the Lamb, who died and rose again. Exalted over all, our Messiah reigns. Every knee will bow. A thousand tongues will sing. Holy is the Lord! Jesus, our Messiah, reigns.

Lift the Name: This upbeat song written by Jared Anderson is a song that I believe is the cry of the church today and especially of the younger generation. A cry to lift high the name of Jesus, the One who reigns. Let's take this moment of our day, turn it into praise and offer it as a gift, to our King, to our Lord, for He reigns evermore. Praise and worship are Yours, heaven and earth sing for joy, like an eagle takes the sky, let Your name be lifted high.

Be Thou Exalted: I love this slower song written by Jon Egan. It's of a very hymn-like nature. The lyrics are very personal and ones that come as a cry from the heart to God to continue to guide and be with the worshipper always. Reminds me of the Psalms. Hallelujah to the Name of all Names. Hallelujah to the God be all praise. Ever holy, worthy be Thou exalted always.

Special thanks to Integrity Music for providing this complimentary pre-release album to listen to and review. You can download the album here on iTunes (deluxe version) or

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