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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sunday Setlist - 06.26.11

Week #153 of Sunday Setlists. Here is our setlist for Sunday, June 26th.

- O Worship the King by Chris Tomlin
- Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King by Gateway Worship
- Enough by Chris Tomlin
- Jesus Saves by Tim Hughes

All in all it was a great morning of worship. Had one of those awkward moments though. For Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King I decided to try something different I've never done before, put my guitar in Drop D tuning. With so much of that song landing on a D or having a D constantly in the bass, I thought it would be a nice to touch to add it from my guitar and it was. I had no problem getting the E string tuned down to D, however it ended up proving harder to get it back up to the E for the next song. Sure enough, the next song was in the key of G and I hit that first strum, and the bottom string was definitely not tuned right. So had to stop and quickly tune it up. I was trying to do it by ear as I don't have a pedal tuner or one of the ones that clips on the headstock. I had some of the other worship team members read scripture to allow me time to tune it, but with the other sounds going on, I just couldn't quite hear it well enough to get it tuned right. Guess I might need to invest in a new tuner.

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