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Friday, April 23, 2010

Catalyst West Day 2 Worship Setlists

Here are the worship setlists from Day 2 of Catalyst West. Was bummed they didn't do a set at the end like they did last year, but oh well. Being a worship leader in a church, I was grateful to be able to be off the platform and to be able to just worship.

First Set
Worship Leaders: Carlos Whitaker, Jeffrey B. Scott, Jonathan Shelton, Candi Shelton

- Marvelous Light (Charlie Hall)
- God of Second Chances (Carlos Whittaker) (song written for the People of the Second Chance movement)
- Glory to God Forever (Steve Fee & Vicky Beeching)

Second Set
Worship Leader: Aaron Keyes

- You'll Come (Brooke Fraser) (only the bridge was sung)
- Psalm 62 (Aaron Keyes & Stuart Townend)
- Jesus Saves (Tim Hughes)

Third Set
Worship Leader: Zach Williams

- Come Thou Fount (Zach Williams) (sung with his added chorus from Psalm 29)


  1. Thanks SO MUCH for listing all the sets. You've been a tremendous help. I play on incorporating many of these songs into our Sunday worship times. Thank you again!

  2. I meant "I plan on incorporating"...anyway, you get the idea :). God bless! Thanks again!

  3. You're welcome Andrea. Glad I could help. I know there's always people out there, me being one of them, that want to know what the songs are and use them, so I actually remembered to write them down this time. Hope you can use some of them. I've got a couple holes in the day 1 setlist post, so if you might be able to help me out with those, that would be great.