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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Carlos Whittaker | Ragamuffin Soul

Integrity Music has another great album with Ragamuffin Soul by Carlos Whittaker. I first heard of Carlos when I attended Catalyst West in 2009 and then this past year in 2010 he led worship at a few of the sessions. He has a fantastic blog by the same name at Ragamuffin Soul and you can also follow him on twitter at @loswhit. It's been a blessing to get a glimpse into his life through his blog and twitter. And now you get a glimpse into who he is as a worshipper and one of the ways he worships, through his music. This is a great project with some great songs that share his heart and can also be used by others in the local church.

Rain It Down: So often in the Old Testament we see God providing for His people by raining down manna from heaven to feed and sustain them. Here is a song with a cry from the hearts of people for our Father to rain down His love on us in whatever situation we find ourselves in. Come Lord we're thirsty now, come Lord and rain it down, rain down on us.

We Will Worship: This is a great song that I think the church can really grab a hold of if they become honest with themselves, including myself. The lyrics are tough but are so true. So often we become comfortable in this life as Christians, but I believe God has called us to be so much more than comfortable in this life. Save us from these comforts, break us of our need for the familiar, spare us any joy that's not of You and we will worship You.

God of Second Chances: This is a song of outreach, but also a song that believers should not forget. We don't deserve the life that God gave us through His son Jesus Christ, but He gave us a second chance. He loves us and gave us the wonderful gift through His son. You’re the God of second chances, You're the God who still romances, we're in awe before You now and our hearts are bowing down. You're the God of all the ages, who are we that You would save us, we're in awe before You now and our hearts are crying out.

Check out this video of Carlos. He's singing God of Second Chances when up walks this homeless man named Danny. Out of nowhere Danny sits beside Carlos and starts singing with him. Listen all the way to end.

You can download the CD here on iTunes.

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