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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Setlist - 08.01.10

Week #106 of Sunday Setlists. Here is our setlist for Sunday, August 1st.

- Open the Eyes of My Heart
- Praise to the Lord, the Almighty (Travis Cottrell version)
- Surrender
- Jesus Died My Soul To Save (communion)
- Trust in You

First Sunday back after vacation and it was good to be back. All in all it was a great morning. I was hoping Jesus Died My Soul to Save by Michael Farren of Pocket Full of Rocks would have gone better. I did it by myself on acoustic and just lost my place a couple times. Font was pretty small and the chart and probably just didn't know it as well as I would've liked. I have to say, I'm still enjoying being at one service right now. Unfortunately we're still having issues with some of our sound equipment. Probably going to have to do a serious inventory pretty soon. We for sure won't be able to purchase a lot of things to upgrade our system, but then we will at least have an idea of what we might need in the future. If your church is using IEMs, what system are you using?

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