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Monday, September 13, 2010

Be Compassionate by Warren Wiersbe

Be Compassionate was a great book. It's a part of Warren Wiersbe's "BE" commentary series. This is the first book of that series that I have read. It is a commentary on Luke 1-13. I first heard of and was exposed to Warren Wiersbe in college and really enjoyed his writing. I've read other commentaries out there and this by far in my mind is one of the better ways I've seen one written. I felt as if I was sitting in a service listening to a sermon series on Luke 1-13. It's not so much that every verse is highlighted, but the important parts are and the context is there. He does a fantastic job of continuing the theme of how Christ lived a life full of compassion throughout the entire book. Warren Wiersbe is a great man of God that has definitely spent his whole life in the Word and it shows. He has a great understanding of it and knows how to explain it. I'm sure this book will turn in to a great resource to be pulled off the shelf time and time again. Makes me want to get as much of the rest of the "BE" series as I can. This is an updated version from the earlier printings and what is also great about this one is the study questions at the end of each chapter, great for personal study or small group discussions. I did not focus a lot of time on those for this reading and review, but it will most likely be something that I will go back through and complete at a later time.

Special thanks to The B & B Media Group, Inc. and David C. Cook for providing this complimentary book to read and review. You can purchase the book here on

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