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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick

I didn't hear about Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick until a couple weeks before the book actually released. I had heard about Steven and Elevation Church before so I knew what a dynamic man of God he is and the passion he has for ministry. So when I heard he was coming out with the book, I was very excited about reading it. I was curious as to what the title meant, but I was also interested in it because of the subtitle, What Happens When You Dare to Ask God For the Impossible. The book is taken from Steven's journey as a young christian to where he is now. He felt a strong calling from God on his life to pastor a church. I'm sure at the time for him and in the time when he moved to Charlotte, that that felt like an impossible task. It also stems for the story of Joshua in the Bible. In Joshua chapter 10 he is heavily engaged in a battle when the sun begins to set. Joshua believed that God had given the Amorites into his hand and wanted to finish the battle. However that wouldn't happen if the sun went down. So Joshua pray this seemingly impossible prayer. He asks God to make the sun stand still. God answers that prayer and Joshua wins the battle.

The story of Joshua and the content of this book is all about faith, audacious faith. Steven says this as a preview to one of the chapters,
"Audacious faith is not built on the fault line of feelings or the flood plain of your performance. You're building your faith on solid ground. Higher ground. You're building on the faithfulness of God."
Are we willing to strive towards a faith that is built solidly on God. Are we willing to ask Him through prayer for what may seem impossible. We have the ability to and God has the power to act on it. As Steven says though, "If you're going to pray for God to make the sun stand still, you'd better be ready to march all night."

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