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Monday, March 21, 2011

Delirious by Martin Smith & Meet Mrs. Smith by Anna Smith

Delirious: My Journey with the Band, a Growing Family, and an Army of Historymakers by Martin Smith and Meet Mrs. Smith: My Adventures with Six Kids, One Rockstar Husband, and a Heart to Fight Poverty by Anna Smith are two separate books written by husband and wife. I have chosen to put them into one review as I believe they should really come together as a set or they at least need to be read together. These books share the stories of two people that came to love God, then come to love eachother, and then love those that God loves. Even though there are a lot of similar stories between both of these books, they do come from two different people and two different points of view; one example being that when Delirious started taking off, Martin really struggled with the balance between the ministry that he felt God had called him to with the family he had been given and from Anna you get how she felt with essentially being a single parent during those times her husband was away. As a musician I was really interested in reading Delirious and getting the chance to hear from someone who was heavily involved in music and also one that was instrumental in the modern Christian worship movement. At first I was only going to read Delirious, but I'm so glad that I chose to read Meet Mrs. Smith as well. If there's one theme that runs through both of these books, it's that both Martin and Anna heavily relied on God for guiding them through this life they were living. They both truly felt that God was a part of everything they were doing and even though there were struggles and hard times as well as great times, they knew that they were exactly were God wanted them. The lives they were living and activities they were involved with were truly a ministry of the Lord. Here are two people that supported each other in every way. What I love the most about reading these books is how together as a family they felt the call to help orphans and how CompassionArt was formed. A truly phenomenal project that was started because a man's heart was broken for one little child that was going to grow up following in her mother's footsteps as a prostitute because that's all she knew. Martin and Anna had a vision of a way to help kids and because of them and a lot of other artists and record labels that chose to give up any profit that this project would produce, they were able to provide money to help kids have a better life. Martin and Anna Smith are two people that truly have a heart for God and want to make a difference in this world through His power and that's exactly what they are doing and what these two books are capturing. I would highly recommend that you read both.

Special thanks to The B & B Media Group, Inc. and David C. Cook for providing these complimentary books to read and review. You can purchase Delirious here on and Meet Mrs. Smith here on

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