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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Books Read: 2013

Part 8 of the posts regarding books that I have read lately. Part 1: books read in 2009, Part 2: books read in January - June of 2010, Part 3: books read in July - December of 2010, Part 4: books read in January - June of 2011, Part 5: books read in July - December of 2011, Part 6: books read in January - June of 2012, and Part 7: books read in July - December of 2012.

Unfortunately this year was not a year for reading for me. I hope to remedy that in 2014.

Who Do You Think You Are? by Mark Driscoll *
Jesus Is _____. by Judah Smith *
On the Grace of God by Justin Holcomb
Let Hope In by Pete Wilson *

What are you reading? Leave me a comment with your recommendations!

Special thanks to BookSneeze/Thomas Nelson for providing some of these books to read and review (marked by a *).

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  1. Ryan,
    Would it be alright with you if I checked in on your blog here every once in a while? If that bothers you, you do NOT need to change your privacy settings to block me - just say so, and I'll respect that, I promise. :-) I'm going to send an email your way soon, but wanted you to know that I have been praying for you all along, especially after what you said in the email you wrote back to me. You are in my prayers every single day and despite everything, if there's ever anything I can do for you, just let me know. I mean that.

    - Michelle