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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Setlist - 09.06.09

So since I've started to blog, I'm going to start in on posting our Sunday Setlist. This comes from Fred McKinnon, who is the worship director at St. Simons Community Church. He started this just over a year ago; it's now in its 59th week. I've been following it for a while checking out what other worship leaders are doing at their churches and figured I'll start doing the same. So here is our setlist for Sunday, September 6th.

- Your Grace Is Enough
- Thy Word
- Glory to God Forever
- Jesus Paid It All (during communion)

We are currently in a series called "Summer in the Psalms." This morning our pastor is preaching on Psalm 119! He's taking two Sundays to do it. What a wonderful psalm all about the Word of God! This Sunday was more of a background on the longest Psalm and chapter in the Bible and then next week we'll dive more into the Psalm.

To check out what others are doing in their services and learn more about what Sunday Setlists is all about, check out Fred McKinnon's blog at


  1. Great mix of new and old songs. Nice set!

  2. Ryan, welcome to blogging! Sunday Setlists is a great way to share what's happening in the worship life of your church. I have not heard 'Thy Word' in a long time, I really like it.