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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ALM:uk | Name Above All Names

Name Above All Names by ALM:uk is a fantastic project that has come out of the worship of a church. What I love about projects like these is that the music is coming out of the hearts of those writing it and those that are using it in their worship. The worship that is happening at Abundant Life Ministries in Bradford, England can now impact the lives of others all over the world. This is a project with songs that I believe will be adopted into churches all over the world as well as people personal worship apart from Sunday mornings. These songs are full of lyrics that are completely focused on our God; His greatness, His power, and the One that never changes.

Great and Glorious: A great song for the opening of a Sunday service or a night of worship. Upbeat and very energetic with a chorus that is an anthem of a generation giving all honor and praise to our God. "My soul sings, my soul sings, Hallelujah, God great and glorious You are, God great and glorious."

My God Reigns: The days that we are in are tough, that's no lie. I think songs like this one are helping people get through the tough times. To be able to sing a song that is a prayer to the One who holds all in His hand and rules over all is a hope that we can't find anywhere else. "I have a hope so sure, an anchor for my soul, my peace in the worst of times, I trust in God alone. My God reigns, His love will never fail me, my God reigns, He's ruling over all, In all my life, in every situation I know, my God is greater, my God is over all."

Name Above All Names: Lately I've really gravitated towards songs that praise the name of the Lord. This is another great one with lyrics like these, "Yours is the name filled with power and majesty, Jesus, Jesus. Name above all names we rise and sing your praise, we sing holy, worthy is the Lord. Name above all names, the name of Jesus, forever You will reign." My only concern on this song is that the melody of the chorus sounds like that of You'll Be In My Heart from Tarzan, though I'm sure by accident, and because of that, I lose the focus of the song.

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