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Friday, June 11, 2010

Great Leader, Great Teacher by Gary Bredfeldt

To be honest, I originally had a really hard time getting into this book, Great Leader, Great Teacher by Gary Bredfeldt. Wanting to grow more in my own leadership abilities, I was all excited to read it, but as I began reading I kept finding myself thinking that I'm not the teacher at my church, so what is this saying about my leadership? Am I not actually a leader? I was quite disappointed and ready to put down the book. However, I pressed on and very glad I did, as it turned out to be very eye-opening for me. I was getting the premise wrong. I was thinking that since I wasn't a teacher (which is actually not the truth as I've thought about it) therefore I wasn't a leader, but instead I should have been thinking that as a leader I also need to be a teacher. I was viewing teaching as a stand-alone profession, not as an aspect of my leadership.

I said above that as I thought about it, my thinking that I wasn't a teacher, wasn't true. I can say that now, because even though my profession is not a teacher, I am called to teach in my profession. I am currently the worship leader at my church. My job is to lead worship, but that encompasses a lot more than just singing and strumming my guitar. I need to have a lifestyle of worship outside Sunday morning. My leading is an outpouring of my personal time with God Monday through Saturday. Though it even goes deeper than that. I have to teach the body of Christ that He called me to lead to worship. I also have to teach my worship team. I may not be in a classroom day after day or preaching a sermon from the pulpit but I am called to teach.

I was especially drawn in to the chapter on "The Competencies of the Leader-Teacher." Bredfeldt gives us eight, four on the teaching side and four on the leading side. Though he separates them this way, I believe you could also separate them the opposite way, which makes these eight competencies even that more essential for those that are called to lead.
The Competencies of the Teacher:
• Message that is clear
• Methods that promote learning
• Model the message
• Minister to people
The Competencies of the Leader:
• Establish the team
• Equip the team
• Empower the team
• Encourage the team
As I looked at my position as the worship leader, I realized that all these competencies are exactly what I need to accomplish what God has called me to do in the local church. I've dealt with some of these better than others, but I can say that this book will be a wonderful resource as I continue to grow as a leader and a teacher.

Special thanks to Moody Publishers for providing this complimentary book to read and review.

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