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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Setlist - 06.06.10

Week #98 of Sunday Setlists. Here is our setlist for Sunday, June 6th.

- Revelation Song
- Hosanna
- How Deep the Father's Love for Us
- You Are My King (Amazing Love)
- Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
- Happy Day

This morning we switched to a new schedule of only having one service. It's nice to have our whole church together in one service and the change also allowed us a little more time in the service so we can do more music. It was a fantastic morning of worship with everyone. I'm also thankful for the switch because it gives my team who have been so faithful to the music/worship ministry at Bethel a little bit of a break. They don't have to be there as long and they even get to sleep in. I've even had some who have said that since it's only one service now that they would be willing to serve more often. So very thankful for a wonderful team. I definitely couldn't do this without them. So we'll see what the future brings.

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